City Sniffers

City Sniffers is a B2C (Business to customer) app used to manage dog walks and communicate with clients of the City Sniffers dog walking business. The app had over 70 daily users. Features include a social feed, shop, credit management, bookings, chat and live notifications. The app uses the React Native CLI, NodeJS, Firestore for the code base and leverages off third party APIs such as Square (for payments) and SendInBlue (for email notifications).


  • 📰 News Feed

Daily posts from the dog walkers showing images and videos of dogs on their walks. Users are able to comment and like each post.

  • 🛒 Shop

Customers can purchase dog walk credits to make bookings. Payments are processed by Square using credit cards with an invoice sent directly to the customer.

  • 📅 Bookings Calendar

Bookings can be made by customers as either one-off bookings or recurring bookings.

  • 💬 Chat

A group chat gives the ability for dog owners of the same household to chat to the staff of City Sniffers.

  • 🔔 Notifications

Push notifications for various events of the app such as chat messages, booking confirmations, successful purchases etc.

  • 💳 Payment Management

Customers can add and remove credit cards to be used on the Shop for quick purchases.

  • 📝 History Logs

Full logs of all dog walks showing all status changes such as pending bookings, confirmations, pick ups and drop offs.


  • Front end: React Native / JavaScript

React Native for a single JavaScript codebase to be compiled down to Kotlin and Swift to run on both Android and iOS.

  • Back end: Node.js / JavaScript

Node.js backend using Firebase serverless functions. Features include HTTPS callable functions from the front end, workflow triggers from database changes, authentication events, storage uploads and time-based CRON jobs.

  • Database: Cloud Firestore

NoSQL database for quick reads and rights to cater to realtime changes for the News Feed and Chat functions.

  • Storage: Google Cloud Storage

Cloud storage to host profile pictures, photos and videos from the New Feed and Chats.

  • Payment Gateway: Square

Square Developer API for a scalable Payment, Orders and Customer management solution.

  • Email Server: SendInBlue

A cloud email service with visual templates to save on managing an SMTP server and backend HTML templating.

UI and UX designed by Alice Lo

Alice Lo - Digital Designer

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